Video games continue to break the mold

Two of the gaming world’s most seminal figures, Rand Miller and Ken Levine, join to discuss the video game violence debate, and how video games continue to evolve and grow in popularity.


Patrick Scott Patterson Teams Up with VGVN to Rock the Vote

Blog September 11, 2014

"Video gamers are a passionate bunch. There is always a ton of debate going on within video game culture, but while the game discussions go on, I feel the true fight for video games is overly ignored. "-Patrick Scott Patterson


Gamers Join Together to Rock the Vote

Blog September 5, 2014

With National Voter Registration Day just weeks away, we know November is coming – and we’re ready to make sure democracy is a multiplayer event.


Girl Gamers: There Are More Of Them Than You Think

News August 20, 2014

Girl gamers have been considered a niche audience for a long time, but it’s time to stop treating them as a minority in the industry.

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