Video games continue to break the mold

Two of the gaming world’s most seminal figures, Rand Miller and Ken Levine, join to discuss the video game violence debate, and how video games continue to evolve and grow in popularity.


How Gaming Makes You A Better Person

News July 16, 2014

How Gaming Makes You A Better Person [Infographic] by the team at Liberty Games


Top 10 Comics Inspired by Video Games

News June 24, 2014

Like video games, comics inhabit a bizarre point in the art continuum, relying on multiple factors (some of which are unique to their form) to communicate with their audience. It seems fitting then, that there are a good deal of comics, mainly webcomics, that draw from video games for their inspiration. 


It’s Time To Start Treating Video Game Industry Like The $21 Billion Business It Is

News June 9, 2014

The majority of video games in the U.S. are purchased and played by adults. The largest titles make money that Hollywood films could only dream of raking in, and the biggest players in the industry run multibillion-dollar multinational operations that employ thousands of people. 

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