Video games continue to break the mold

Two of the gaming world’s most seminal figures, Rand Miller and Ken Levine, join to discuss the video game violence debate, and how video games continue to evolve and grow in popularity.


How Much Do You Know About Video Games?

April 15, 2015

An infographic detailing the Video Game Industry.


Video Games Could Actually Make You Smarter

News April 15, 2015

“A lot of people still view video games as a time-wasting activity even though research is beginning to show their beneficial aspects,” says Aaron Berard, a graduate student and lead author of the study.


Video games in the classroom? Welcome to the future of learning

News April 9, 2015

Since Oregon Trail made its way into elementary-school classrooms across the country, this approach has drawn skeptics who question whether students are learning or simply being entertained. To address such concerns, we must ensure that sound pedagogy forms the foundation of any gaming experience.

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