WIN 2 TICKETS TO E3 2017!!

Well guys, it’s that time of year… free E3 tickets time 

We know for many gamers, like you, attending E3 is a bucket list item.  That’s what winner after winner of last year’s contest kept telling us.  Just look at them!

This year we have two steps for you to complete if you want to put yourself in these jumping shoes pictured above.  

Step 1: Complete our 100% anonymous Gamers and Politics Questionnaire. Needless to say, the political world has changed a lot in the past 500+ days, and we want to know how you feel about the last election, our new president and the issues you care most about. It won't take more than a few minutes, and this will really help us so we can better protect the video games we all love and ensure that your voices are heard.

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Step 2: After you finish the questionnaire, and see this message:

Fill in the below fields (we only collect your information to reach out to you if you've won - we won't see your answers to the questionnaire above) but most importantly tell us about a game you started, got pulled away from but eventually found a way to finish.  What game was it? What pulled you away? How did you feel when you finally finished it? Keep it to 250 words or less!

Thanks and good luck!

The VGVN Team

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