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Ensuring that VGVN remains the most effective grassroots defense against threats against  our rights as gamers is easy. All you have to do is follow our three steps during school orientation or at your school’s club fair:

Step 1: Educate your friends

More than 300,000 VGVN members are taking this seriously, including you. Now it’s time to help your friends and classmates get in the know about VGVN and the threats to computer and video games.

Use our VGVN Ambassadors fact sheet to share the truth about computer and video games and the VGVN Ambassadors Program. 

Step 2: Take a public stand

Do you write a blog? Have followers on Twitter and the wittiest of Facebook updates? Download and embed our VGVN Ambassadors graphics to show you are a part of the VGVN Ambassadors Program and can help others get involved too.  

Share this awesome VGVN graphic on Facebook or post this flyer around campus.

Put a banner on your student organization's website or your personal blog. Click here to download the Dark VGVN Logo or Light VGVN Logo, or the VGVN Ambassadors Logo.

Step 3: Recruit your friends

You, your friends, and other video game players and developers on campus will be the first, and we do mean the first, to know when there is a threat against video games in your state or at the federal level. 

Let others you know around your school’s campus about the VGVN Ambassadors Program and help get them started today on our VGVN Ambassador Recruitment page.


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The time for gamers to stand up and speak out is now! Your voice can help protect video games from uninformed politicians—join VGVN today.