Washington Insider Scapegoats Video Games

At a time when people mistake an article from The Onion as a real news story, it’s unfortunately fitting that a new book, Assassination Generation: Video Games, Aggression, and the Psychology of Killing, is trying to resurrect the outdated and incorrect theory that video games cause violent crime. The book’s author, Dave Grossman, has made a career off of saying video games are shredding the fabric of society and all we hold sacred.

There are a few things to remember here: violent crime has been on the decline for more than 20 years, the number of gamers has been increasing for more than 20 years, and then there’s the vast numbers of independent and objective medical and scientific professionals who have concluded repeatedly and definitively that there is no link between video games and violence.

With that in mind, we encourage you to shine a light on ignorance. VGVN supports facts, rather than inflammatory opinions. Articles, even paid advertorials like the one written by the author of that book and posted to the Daily Beast, perpetuate outdated thinking and strawmen that are based in little to no factual evidence. For what? To sell a few books?

Before we had time to defend ourselves, Forbes jumped in and tore him apart. The Forbes article stops short of calling Grossman a liar, but doesn’t hesitate to point out his lack of evidence. They hit the nail on the head and hats off to Forbes and author Erik Kain for taking the time to research an article before posting.

Please join us in taking a stand against biased misinformation, demanding objective science and research, and helping to protect video games as free speech.

We understand that Grossman is working hard to try and sell his new book, so we’ve decided to give him some free advertising. After all, there’s always an occasion for a gag gift.  


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