Video games allow for pet ownership without the pet

Nothing beats having a live pet as a companion, but sometimes due to allergies, housing or difficult schedules, it just isn’t possible.

That’s why different video game platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo have made video games that revolve around taking care of a virtual pet.

The concept goes back to Tamagotchi pets from the mid-1990s. Tamagotchi originated in Japan and were small, egg-shaped keychain simple video games that revolved around an animal the user had to raise and keep alive. The games were also popular in the United States.

Today, the concept has expanded exponentially and has become much more sophisticated, said Sioux City GameStop manager Brent Miller.

“You literally have a pet that you take care of in real time,” he said.

Miller discussed various games on different platforms that could appeal to various demographics.

Nintendo, which tends to cater to a younger crowd, has the largest selection of animal-based video games, with games focusing on raising dogs, cats, hamsters and endangered species, in addition to taking care of a farm and being a veterinarian.

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