Video Game Voters Network Reaches 1 Million Members, Launches Voter Registration Campaign

November 12, 2015 – WASHINGTON, DC – More than 1 million voting-aged gamers have joined the Video Game Voters Network (VGVN), the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced today. To commemorate this milestone, the VGVN launched Start Democracy – a new voter registration campaign aimed at increasing gamer turnout on Election Day.

“As the influence of computer and video games in our society has grown, so has the dedicated membership of VGVN,” said Rich Taylor, senior vice president of communications and industry affairs of the ESA, the trade association that represents the U.S. video game industry. “These highly engaged members make their voices heard in government offices across the country, educating officials about video games’ positive impacts, advocating for policy issues affecting game creators and consumers, and protecting video games’ First Amendment rights.”

Start Democracy will help highlight the need for candidates to speak to and address the concerns of the Gamer Vote, which a recent ESA study found to be a significant and active voting bloc: 80 percent of gamers plan to vote in 2016.  Through the initiative, gamers can register to vote on the VGVN’s website ( or at Start Democracy’s election-oriented microsite ( VGVN will also encourage candidates to speak directly to gamers, promote voter registration at key political and video game industry events, and utilize the unique reach and culture of video games to drive gamers to the polls.

VGVN is partnering with Rock the Vote - the largest U.S. non-profit and non-partisan organization focused on driving youth to the polls - to promote Start Democracy, with the collective goal of registering more than 1 million millennials by Election Day.

"Rock the Vote is proud to partner with the Video Game Voters Network to ensure the important and diverse opinions of millennial, first-time and gamer voters are heard by politicians," said Ashley Spillane, president of Rock the Vote. "We are thrilled to support VGVN's Start Democracy campaign and provide the voter registration technology that will make it easy for the video game community to participate in the 2016 elections."

An infographic highlighting key characteristics of the Gamer Vote is available here. To learn more about the VGVN and Start Democracy and partnership inquiries, please visit

About the Video Game Voters Network

The Video Game Voters Network is a place for American gamers to organize and defend against threats to video games by registering to vote and letting Congress know how important this issue is to the community. Without a critical mass of adult video game players who are registered to vote and willing to stand firmly behind their games, politicians will continue to fire criticism at games and game players in order to score easy points for their political campaigns. For more information, visit the VGVN website or follow us on Twitter @VideoGameVoters.


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