US Presidential Hopeful Bobby Jindal Gets It Wrong

US presidential hopeful and Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal is rightfully under fire for his recent comments about the horrific shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

In his latest blog post, Jindal states that this latest violent episode can be directly attributed to the destruction of family values and father figures, the portrayal of violence in pop culture and “generations of young boys who were raised on video games where they compete with other young boys around the country and the world to see who can kill the most humans.”

It should be noted that Jindal’s insensitive tone and rhetoric under the guise of providing causation for violence is inexcusable and misses the point. However, our response to Jindal is aimed at his take on video games – a dated perspective that has been debunked several times.

Jindal attacks video games for perpetuating violence, but science and facts disagree with his feelings.

The American Psychological Association found that link to be inconclusive, a claim examined over and over again by the U.S. Supreme Court, the Department of Health and Human Services and the governments of Australia and Sweden.

Additionally, a Washington Post article in 2012 showed no correlation between the top ten countries that purchase video games and violent crimes – the exact claim that Jindal is making in his blog post.


If these resources aren’t enough, the Healthcare Triage explains this lack of correlation.

What Jindal is doing is what we hope elected officials never do – leveraging confirmation bias and stereotypes to make assumptions about our nation’s youth without any fact-based research to support those statements.

So long as elected officials and others with platforms of their own spew falsities about video game players and the industry, we will be on the front lines to set the record straight.

If you disagree with Governor Jindal and want to protect video games, send him an email or a tweet and let him know that he’s wrong.


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