Two Tickets to Paradise (aka E3)

Video games are part of a shared global culture.  Whether it’s manifested through eSports, cosplay, artwork or countless other forms of expression, it’s undeniably a part of who we are. 
For a few days every year, E3 represents the epicenter of that culture and we want you to be a part of it.  We’re offering you a chance to bear witness to some of the most anticipated announcements in the gaming world, and to get your hands on games you and your friends have only previewed on YouTube. Why? Because gaming culture is something worth getting psyched over.
In addition to being an epicenter of the gaming world, we view E3 as a vital forum for VGVN. We know video games will likely come under attack as the 2016 Presidential Election continues to boil over. It’s vital now—more than ever before—for VGVN members to stand, defend and celebrate something that is much more than a mere hobby.
For your chance to join us at E3, simply submit your story describing how you celebrate gaming culture.  We’re awarding two tickets to 25 of the best entries, which will be selected on Friday, May 20, 2016. 
We’re all in this together—let’s get to it.


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The time for gamers to stand up and speak out is now! Your voice can help protect video games from uninformed politicians—join VGVN today.