Top 10 Ways Video Games Can Improve Real Life

We love video games for their fun and entertaining nature, but even when we put the controllers down, video games or at least thinking like a gamer can positively influence the rest of our lives. Here are ten ways video games do us good.

10. Learn Personal Accountability

The best video games are challenging. Pushing through those challenges can teach us perseverance as well as personal accountability—learning how to focus on our own actions and what we can control to improve the situations around us. It might not be an obvious lesson from video games, and it requires introspection on our part, but lessons like these carry over from gaming to real life.

9. Learn How to Deal with People in Real Life

Online games offer plenty of opportunities to interact with other players. Each of those experiences can teach a few things about how to deal with others in real life—you can work well with just about anyone, perhaps, if you have the same goal (whether finishing a dungeon or working on a presentation) and how clear upfront communication is essential because others can’t read our minds.

8. Exercise Your Brain and Improve Problem-Solving Skills

The jury’s still out on whether playing video games can make us smarter, but researchers have found that parts of the brain (related to memory, muscle control, strategic planning, and spatial navigation) can get bigger as a result of playing. Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean we get smarter as a result, but the findings suggest video gaming can be used to treat some brain disorders. Even if video games don’t improve our IQ or cognitive ability, they can teach us new skills and help us practice them. Some games are designed with problem solving, critical thinking, and reading comprehension challenges. And, of course, there are educational apps and games for kids of all ages.

7. Relax and Relieve Anxiety and Stress

For many people, playing video games is much-needed downtime. The psychological benefits of playing video games can carry over into real life when they relieve stress and anxiety. Some studies have shown immersive games can even treat post-traumatic stress disorder. Of course, this depends on us not playing rage-inducing games.

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