Success Means A Tax Free Internet!

It was a busy week in Washington D.C. A new bill, The Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act (PITFA) was up for votes in the Senate. 

To give you a little background, back in 1998, the first Internet Tax Freedom Act was put into law but it had an expiration date and thus required to be renewed again and again. Five times since 1998. So this new law, PITFA, would end the expiration clause and make this ban on taxing Internet access permanent

VGVN members were quick to react to the importance of this vote and responded by sending messages to the Senate to vote in favor of PITFA. We’re thankful to all those members who stood in support of a tax free Internet. 

The Senate voted 75-20 in favor of passing PITFA on Thursday and now the bill will go to President Obama’s desk for signature into law.

It goes without saying that this law will help ensure that we as Americans have access to the Internet in same way we have grown accustomed to using it – free of taxation.

Game on!


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