Gamers Join Together to Rock the Vote

With National Voter Registration Day just weeks away, we know November is coming – and we’re ready to make sure democracy is a multiplayer event.

This year's mid-term elections are going to be big, and every vote matters – especially votes from video game players and First Amendment supporters like you. So we’re excited to share the news with you: for the first time ever, the Video Game Voters Network is partnering with Rock the Vote to make sure hundreds of thousands of gamers have the opportunity to register to vote and make their voices heard at the polls this November!

We launched a new online voter registration portal just in time for you to make sure you’re registered before state registration deadlines hit.
Americans have embraced video games for decades, and playing has become an important part of our culture. We also know video games receive the same First Amendment protection as books, movies, music and television – but video games can be the target of political criticism or intrusive legislation. 

The time for gamers to stand up and speak out is now! Your voice could not be more important. 

Take the first step to protect video games — visit VGVN, register to vote today and join the movement of Americans who are protecting free speech and defending video games from legislation and regulation.


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The time for gamers to stand up and speak out is now! Your voice can help protect video games from uninformed politicians—join VGVN today.