Pot Calls Kettle Black: Former Calif. Senator Leland Yee Heads Behind Bars

Remember Senator Leland Yee from California? The guy who shut down gamers for their supposed lack of credibility when discussing violence and gun control? Here’s a refresher.

Well, it looks like the tables have turned. It seems that our anti-video game crusader is a hypocrite and will face a 5-year prison sentence for weapons trafficking and bribery.

You heard that right. This guy was leading a secret life and not in a good way like Princess Zelda and Sheik. Yee was trafficking weapons while fighting gun control in the state senate by making ridiculous claims connecting video games and gun violence.

Video games do not have a permanent link to gun violence despite what people like Yee, Bobby Jindal, Mika Brzezinski and Jack Thompson claim. It is important that we call out people like Yee who spend time attacking gamers and hindering our freedoms as Americans.

There are many that want to pass the buck when it comes to gun violence in this country, but this lack-of-facts public demonstration by politicians must stop.

Just like the Supreme Court when they ruled in favor of video games, we need more vocal conversations that squash this wrong picture that politicians such as Yee thrive on.

As gamers, we must be active in breaking through the perception people have on video games and violence. Consider speaking up when you see or hear politicians and the media making sweeping generalizations about gaming – or even better – register to vote and keep candidates like Yee from having a platform in the first place.

Let’s make 2016 the year that we push political posturing to the back and let the facts speak for themselves.


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