Patrick Scott Patterson Teams Up with VGVN to Rock the Vote

I am thrilled to be teaming up with the Video Game Voters Network and Rock the Vote.
For 33 years I have enjoyed video games. Today I make a living talking about them at live events and across multiple types of media. I’ve had the joy of watching video games evolve and become a staple in entertainment and pop culture. 
Game concepts have changed. The overall gaming experience has evolved.  So has the technology -- already extending well beyond the wildest dreams I had as a wide-eyed child in the 80s, thinking about what the future of video games could be.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is something that has the potential to greatly impact everyone’s enjoyment of games and the industry as a whole. For as long as video games have been around, there have been politicians at all levels who take aim at them.

Using mainstream media misinformation and hyperbole as their justification for doing so, law proposals that attempt to tax video games, attempts to discourage companies from making the types of video games we want to play, and even attempts to regulate games in ways similar to cigarettes and alcohol are just some of the things our elected leaders try to do. Along the way, they all too often choose to quote selected studies that claim video games are harmful, all while continuing the long-outdated idea that video games are a child’s toy.

They are not.  More adults play video games than children by far – and we vote.

Some of these leaders won’t listen to us when we try to dispute these studies. They won’t listen to us when we report the truth. They won’t listen to us when we point out the flaws in their proposals.

But they’ll listen to voters. They’ll listen if we make it clear that any attempts to scapegoat or misrepresent video games might just cost them that office they want or wish to keep.

The only way they’ll do that is if we band together and ensure gamers have a voice each November, and we use that voice to make enough noise to make even the most disconnected politician realize they need to listen to us – not one-sided media reports and selected studies.

Video games are not a scapegoat. They are not drugs. They are not a kid’s toy. Attempts to regulate or tax them are nothing more than a waste of time and taxpayer resources.

Video gamers are a passionate bunch. There is always a ton of debate going on within video game culture, but while the game discussions go on, I feel the true fight for video games is overly ignored.  How about instead of debates over framerate differences between consoles or upcoming releases, we see video gamers unite to fight the real threats to what we love and enjoy so much?

We can do that by joining up with the VGVN and registering to vote through Rock the Vote. Let the suits out there know we have the true power. We can vote them in … or out.

Let’s unite and make that perfectly clear.

-- Patrick Scott Patterson
Twitter: @OriginalPSP 


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