Politicians Push to Tax Video Games in Pennsylvania

Once again, video games are being picked on by politicians. In Pennsylvania, there is a clear disingenuous attempt to make unfounded connections between video games and acts of violence. Clearly, a reminder is in order that scientists and researchers have continually published reports showing no link between violent actions and playing video games. A recent study coming out of the University of Oxford confirms this yet again. Despite all this, The Daily Caller reports that a Pennsylvania legislator is looking to add a 10% tax to video games that contain certain content. From the article:

Villanova University Professor for Brain and Psychological Studies Patrick Markey the correlation between video games and violence is not supported by research. On the contrary, Markey says that his own studies found that violence actually decreases when playing video games, reports the Inquirer. “So if this bill’s intention is to reduce violent crime, it really does have it kind of backwards in a way,” said Markey.

“This bill to tax video games is a paean to a bygone era where ignorance led people to blame games for all manner of societal ills,” contested Markey. “It is time to reject these efforts, not waste time on an unconstitutional and unscientific bill.”

“The U.S. Supreme Court made clear … that video games are enlisted to the full protection of the Constitution and efforts, like Pennsylvania’s, to single out video games based on their content will be struck down,” said a spokesman for Entertainment Software Association, which lobbies for video game and computer companies.

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