GG to Everyone Who Entered

A recap of our E3 Ticket Giveaway


When we said that gaming culture was something worth getting psyched over, we weren’t kidding—and you guys really delivered.

THANK YOU for the 2,704 submissions you sent in for the E3 2016 Contest. We loved reading each and every one of your stories. While no two submissions were alike, it was awesome to see the trends in how you all celebrate gaming culture. 76 of you talked about how you live-stream. 92 of you are inspired by games in your artwork. 185 of you all love eSports. 387 of you incorporate cosplay regularly into your lives. But you know what really blew us away? An overwhelming 1,000 of you talked about how community—friends and family—is absolutely central to how you celebrate video game culture.

This contest—and your inspiring stories—proves something we’ve known all along. Our differences as individuals may be great, but we are an incredible community because we’re united under one banner: our passion for our craft.  

So without further ado…

You’ve been asking for ‘em. Here they are: the 25 winning entries of 25 stellar gamers. Here’s how they celebrate video game culture:


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