Former Microsoft engineer invents video games for dogs

It's obvious people in the Pacific Northwest will go to extreme measures to keep their canines happy while they're at work.

Now a former Microsoft engineer and dog lover turned entrepreneur has a new idea: video games for dogs. He says the idea was born when he adopted a rescue dog that loved to watch TV with him. It took off from there.

"When the Xbox Kinect came out, I looked at that product and thought, 'Well, why can't a dog play a video game?' Because you don't need a controller anymore," said Erick Eidus, inventor of the Pup Pod.

That's how Eidus came up with the Pup Pod. It's an interactive, multi-level game that looks a like a red little snowman and detects when a dog is around.

"Inside it, we've added a bunch of wireless technology and sensors," Eidus said. "So, we have a motion-detection sensor up here at the top. There's a speaker, accelerometer inside here, and obviously, like processors and batteries."

The Pup Pod consists of "levels" the dog has to accomplish. It runs through a series of challenges with the Pup Pod, which connects to another device that dispenses treats when the dog completes a "level." For example, level one simply consists of the dog approaching the Pup Pod when it makes a sound similar to a bag of treats being opened. When the dog is close enough, the level is complete and the dog gets a treat.

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