ESA Takes Up the Fight Against Chicago’s Amusement Tax

Recently, Chicago broadened its amusement tax to include online video game play and streaming services. That means that Chicagoans who game online will be subject to an arbitrary and unnecessary tax of nine percent, even when they leave city limits. What’s more, Chicago residents never even had a say in the matter—no votes were cast to approve the new measure.

Need more reasons why this tax is seriously problematic? Look no further:

  • It’s illegal: Chicago’s tax is in direct violation of the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, which prohibits states and localities from imposing discriminatory taxes on e-commerce.
  • It violates gamers’ rights: This tax punishes video game players for subscribing to online multiplayer services.

This tax is unnecessary and completely unfair to the thousands of Chicago gamers who play online or stream movies, TV or music. Aside from the fact that the tax infringes on gamers’ rights, the idea that Chicagoans should be taxed just for living in the 21st century is plain old ridiculous. That’s why ESA is leading the fight against it by filing a lawsuit against the city of Chicago. You can read more about ESA’s stance here.

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