ABC’s 20/20 Report Misleads With Doomsday Scenario Around Video Game “Addiction”

Tonight (Friday, May 19), ABC’s 20/20 is running a report on digital addiction, which seems to be the new hotness in the game of “let’s blame video games.” The report, in a nutshell, features a few people who share their experiences being “addicted” to video games and treatment specialists who use doomsday scare tactics to prey on parents and spouses that this could happen to them.

ABC will probably ignore some key facts in their report, so we wanted to make sure you saw them here:

  1. The American Medical Association rejects the notion of “video game addiction.”
  2. The American Psychiatric Association also declined to pathologize playing video games.
  3. Dr. Stuart Gitlow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine even says,  “There is nothing here to suggest that this is a co mplex physiological disease state akin to alcoholism or other substance abuse disorders, and it doesn't get to have the word addiction attached to it..."

Furthermore, there are already a number of tools in place to help parents monitor their children’s playing time, content descriptors, parental controls and time controls.

If you don’t agree with the 20/20 report, shoot them a tweet and let them know. We’ll keep continue to keep an eye on this conversation and keep you guys updated on how it evolves.

Have a great weekend!


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