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Gamers are required to move society forward. We are problem solvers, creative thinkers and community-oriented citizens. And with more than 114 million voting-age video game players in America, we are a driving force in electing the next President of the United States. Last November, we launched Start Democracy, VGVN's voter registration initiative to ensure that as many gamers as possible would be ready to vote come Election Day. We're really proud of where we are — 80 percent of us are already planning to vote in the upcoming election.

Looking ahead to Nov. 8, we're not only encouraging voter registration, but also doubling down on efforts to drive voter turnout. Registration is absolutely vital, but ultimately, we need to show up at the polls. That's why we're launching a Facebook Event Page, "ELECTION 2K16: #GAMERSVOTE" to bring together gamers who recognize the power of their vote and the civic good it can bring to bear. For those who join, we'll be giving away awesome #GamersVote stickers to wear on Election Day — oh, and hosting a contest where you can win free tickets to next year's E3. NBD.

Are you in? Join the event page. Questions? Check out the FAQs below.

It's time politicians recognize video game players as the powerful voting bloc that we are. We're not lazy, apathetic or violent. We're an engaged community that is required in building a better republic.

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Wait, what’s VGVN exactly?

  • For 10 years, the Video Game Voters Network, or VGVN, has made it possible for American gamers to organize and defend against legislative threats to video games, threats that would seek to regulate video game content differently than other mediums. VGVN’s goal is to educate gamers about these issues and ensure their demands are heard by federal, state and local officials. During this critical election cycle, VGVN intends to show policymakers that gamers are a powerful and important voting bloc.

Why does my vote matter?

  • Every vote in America matters. In fact, the last three elections were decided by small margins of only 5 million votes in 2012, 10 million votes in 2008 and 500,000 votes in 2004. On top of this strength in numbers, gamers have a unique perspective on our future that the country sure could use, and by voting for elected officials that protect the freedom of video games, we all ensure that video games remain protected.

Gamers Required?

  • Gamers are the forward-thinkers our country needs. We strive for efficiency and innovation, and are at the forefront of change. And as gamers, it’s our job to lead – to help address the challenges our country faces head-on. For too long, our ideas have been dismissed and forgotten by our country’s leadership, and now we’re ready to make them listen. Gamers are required for a better republic.

How do I win E3 tickets?

  • Visit our Facebook Event page "ELECTION 2K16: #GAMERSVOTE" and click the "Going" button. We'll be sending stickers to everyone who submits a sticker request form. Once you get yours in the mail, take a picture of yourself with the sticker wearing it on Election Day, holding it after you send off your absentee ballot, etc.), and share it on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #GamersVote any time between now and 11:59 p.m. ET on Nov. 8. We’ll be selecting 20 Grand Prize winners who will each receive a pair of E3 2016. Winners to be announced around Nov. 14. See official rules for details.

How do I get a sticker?

Where do I vote?

  • Step one: Make sure you're registered. If you're not, register here. Step two: Contact your Secretary of State to find your polling place, learn how to vote early, request an absentee ballot or get more information from your state's election officials.

Who should I vote for?

  • Good question! But it’s a choice only you can make. At VGVN, we're monitoring the candidates and issues that most impact gamers and will keep our community informed throughout the election, but we remain politically agnostic. DYK that 38% of video game players are Republican and 38% of gamers are Democrats?



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