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This is a student network for one of the country's fastest-growing industries

The entertainment software sector is "one of the above-average growth segments of the global entertainment industries through 2011" according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. From 2005 to 2009, the industry's real annual growth rate was more than seven times the real annual growth rate for the entire economy.

Additionally, institutions of higher learning recognize the importance of the video game industry in their academic programs. For example, ludology, scholastic video game study from a humanistic perspective, now qualifies students to pursue careers in computer and video game design and programming.

This movement in the academic space is a sign that entertainment software is become a serious source of study and professional development.

Now more than 300 U.S. colleges, universities and technical schools offer degree-granting programs.

However, it is also critical to engage students and faculty on the civic and political level as well.

The Video Game Voters Network (VGVN) is launching a college outreach program to provide students with a way to take ownership of VGVN locally - through student-led campus clubs. This program empowers these student leaders, VGVN Ambassadors, by providing online resources to maintain campus VGVN chapters.

The VGVN Ambassadors Program: student leadership

VGVN seeks students on college and university campuses around the United States to be leaders, called Ambassadors, of a local student activity group.

These Ambassadors will manage a local VGVN group on their school's campus. The Ambassadors can host events and forums to talk about the computer and video game industry with their peers, manage social media and potentially contribute to the VGVN Ambassadors Program blog. There are exciting things to talk about for students looking at careers in a burgeoning industry, but this should also be a way to gather with fellow computer and video game lovers and have fun!

We have set up this online platform with the tools and resources needed for Ambassadors to recruit their friends and peers to be VGVN members and lead their local student community on campus. As the VGVN Ambassadors Program develops, we will provide suggested meeting and event topics as well as provide exclusive VGVN and video game conference updates.

However, the first step is finding strong grassroots support to lead the charge.

Find out how you can be a VGVN Ambassador.

What is the Video Game Voters Network?

The Video Game Voters Network is an online community with a mission focus on the civic impact that video games have in our society. Through legislative outreach, active online forums, and interaction with both new media and mainstream media, this network of hundreds of thousands of individuals is actively promoting the rights of video game creators and consumers. The network is building a groundswell of support for the positive influence video games have on the economy, health and families, artistic expression, education and everyday life.

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